Unproductive: Why we get Stuck! An entrepreneur perspective.

Have you ever looked back at your week and asked yourself “What did I get done this week.” You know you were super busy and yet don’t feel like you were productive at all. This happens when we do things and go about our weeks without schedules and timelines to complete tasks. You know in your heart of hearts that this is not how you thought you would be functioning day to day in your career. So you begin to question yourself with things like; Maybe this is not the career that I really want to be in; Maybe I am being unrealistic and there is no way that I can accomplish my goals; The negative talk can go on and on.  

I can relate all to well and have even made the mistake of changing career paths, all to be stuck in an even further place of unhappiness and regret. So instead of moving away from my vision and passion due to what looks like unproductivity, I had to step back and refocus. Here are some steps to get there; 

  1. Connect yourself with like-minded people and discuss how they deal with fatigue. It is very hard to discuss experiences with someone that has no idea what you are needing or trying to accomplish.
  2. Make of goals and what exactly you want to accomplish. WRITE IT DOWN! This goes with the saying that if it’s not in writing, it doesn’t exist. It needs to be a real tangible thing for you to view.
  3. Set a realistic time frame for accomplishing your goals. If you just say “one day….” It will be forever lost in the list of wishes.
  4. Hire people that are good at getting you to where you want to be. When working for yourself, time is money. People that specialize in an area are likely to get it done much faster and with better results.
  5. Monitor progress and don’t be afraid to reset goals. As the journey progresses, you will find areas that still need direction that wasn’t a part of the original plan. But the new goals can produce additional income sources and just make life easier.

The bottom line is, it’s perfectly fine to chase your dreams. Just remember that structure is the key to achieving them out.  

Now get up and go for it!  

Dr. Mariechia Palmer