Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) Provide Relief 

This is my Emotional Support Animal (ESA), Prince, and I am Shani, his Mommie! Many people know me as a Sr. VP of a nationally known non profit agency, I’m a serial entrepreneur and I’m a therapist! I am a huge advocate for ESAs and this is why…

I am a Type A personality with natural anxious tendencies. I HAVE to manage my stress in order to be successful. For me, an ESA is one part of the solution.

Tips for managing “my best life” include the use of my son/ESA, Prince.

  • Plan “day breaks”.  I live near my job and I can drive home to give Prince a lunch time potty break. That break benefits me by getting out of the office, changing my mindset and going home to “get some hugs” from Prince.
  • Connect! Find like-minded people who believe in the healing power of animals and keep in touch for ESA fur baby meet ups.
  • Weekend Work. On the weekends, I take my ESA to work. He sleeps under my desk and working on a weekend doesn’t feel like work anymore. Plus, any time I include him on a video chat meeting, people smile. I get to spread the relaxation benefits to others.
  • Evening Cuddle Time! Many times, I have to force myself to stop working and get proper rest. After Prince eats, I take time to cuddle and pet him on to dreamland. That’s my cue to wrap up that LAST EMAIL and go to sleep.
  • Don’t be Embarrassed! I’m not the least bit embarrassed to admit that I have anxiety or to admit that I use an ESA to manage it. It’s ok to be different!

Are you under stress, anxious or in need of relief? Have you thought about the benefits that a cat or dog can give you? The use of an ESA (with or without therapy) has definite benefits. Have questions? I can help. Email me at……askshani@springokc.org.