Dr. Bachmeier

Hi, my name is Barbara Bachmeier and I am a licensed clinical psychologist. I have over 20 years’ experience in the field of mental health across all levels of care. I have provided Individual, couples, family, and group counseling. I have brought my years of experience to the tele mental health world to offer the solution of time management and logistical issues to many individuals who might otherwise find it difficult to show up to their psychotherapy appointment.

If you are struggling with anxiety or pushing through depression, or one of the many emotionally debilitating mental health issues; if you are living with and managing a mental disorder and you can benefit from a “safe place” and a boost in confidence, then perhaps I can help. I am “seasoned” and I do understand. Psychological and emotional pain is real, yet it can be managed and we can heal. Although we start with a few simple and easy goals to keep us on track, my approach is integrated and individualized. This means that I tailor my work with you to meet your style and needs as I am skilled in a wide array of psycho therapeutic techniques.

The style and nature of the sessions will be shaped greatly by your needs and preference. For example, some individuals want very short-term sessions to meet a very specific goal or want a “life tune up”. Others want to work through a life transition; or learn skills; while others feel a need to “go deeper and have life issues that they want to “work out” or resolve. My goal is to assess your needs and adjust my work accordingly and to get you into the driver’s seat as soon as possible. This is your life and a life worth living!

As for me, I love my life. Life is a struggle sometimes, but it is supposed to be. That is how we learn and I believe this is classroom Earth. I love learning. I love spoiling my three dogs. I love the 4 seasons of California and going for long drives with my husband. For me, each day is a new day and a new beginning.


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