Functional Family Therapy



Spring Eternal is pleased to announce that we have been granted the RFP with the State of Oklahoma to provide Functional Family Therapy (FFT). This program being supervised by the Office of Juvenile Affairs through funding from OMMA. FFT is an evidence-based intervention for youth and families. This high-quality, strength-focused family counseling model is designed primarily for at-risk youth who have been referred by the juvenile justice, mental health, school, or child welfare systems. Services are short-term and conducted in both clinic and home settings, and can also be provided in schools, child welfare facilities, probation and parole systems, and mental health facilities. For the FFT program to be successful, it is imperative that all parties involved work together. For more information about the effectiveness and implementation of FFT intervention, please visit their website:

In order for FFT to be successful we have outlined some important steps for the referral process. Below are some tips that may be helpful to all involved:

JSU Workers:

  • Notify the youth that they are being referred for a program that will assist them in gaining tools that they need to remain out of placement/decrease chances for recidivism
  • Inform the parents/guardian that someone for Spring Eternal will be contacting them to schedule an appointment
  • Emphasize to parents that participation in the program is a necessary step as part of their release
  • Facilitation of a warm transfer/introduction to the staff at Spring Eternal will begin the engagement process and help the transition to be more smooth


  • Process with the involved youth the importance of them participating in the FFT program and how this program is designed to improve their quality of life
  • Contact Spring Eternal to schedule a meeting with the client and provider prior to their release. Spring would like to meet with the client before release, even if this is initially done virtually (Spring has HIPAA compliant software)


  • Spring Eternal will contact you during the engagement process to learn more about how Spring can assist you and your family during this transition
  • It is important that your initial appointment is scheduled at a time that you are able to keep. Reschedules delay the process and can interfere with implementing the process
  • There will be initial paperwork that has to be completed. This can be sent to you via email or completed during the initial visit.
  • Families are also encouraged to receive case management services. This is to ensure that any needs that you may have outside of the therapeutic relationship are met. Your therapist will talk with you about this during your initial visit.


For our community stakeholders that may have youth that could benefit from this model, we hope to have a process soon to make those referrals.