It was all a dream.

Harold has always known that he wanted to be a counselor and therapist. His story of becoming a counselor began when he was in middle school. He was always counseling close friends, encouraging classmates, and motivating teammates. From those early experiences, Harold found a purpose in helping people.

He believed in the power of encouraging others.

After finishing his undergraduate degree in 1995 from The University of Texas at Austin, Harold started pursuing his Master’s degree in Wichita Falls at Midwestern State University. After countless hours of community service with young people, he was introduced to working with families in need at a local women’s shelter. There he was exposed to real-life experiences that required application of his academic knowledge to address the trauma of others in need. Before finishing his graduate degree in 2002, Harold also got his first counseling experiences through opportunities to work at the on-campus counseling clinic and on the geriatri unit at a local mental health facility there in Wichita Falls, as well.

At SPRING Eternal he finally hit his stride.

After 8 wonderful years of teaching middle school English in the greater Dallas area, Harold returned to the field of psychology and counseling in 2012 when he and his wife decided to move with their two young children to Oklahoma City. Over the years, he has gained a wealth of therapeutic knowledge in counseling through working with all different types of people at a number of great agencies. Eventually he found a home at Spring Eternal. There he connected with the mission statement and values of Spring rooted in supporting people and making sure that everyone has access to therapy and mental healthcare.

Harold currently serves as the Clinical Director at Spring Eternal as well as functioning as a fully licensed professional counselor. He is licensed in the states of Texas, Georgia, and Oklahoma as an LPC. He has a heart for working with adults, kids, and couples of all ages with a variety of issues that can include mood disorders, conflict, and trauma. For Harold, providing counseling and therapy is not just a job, but it is his purpose and passion.


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