A Four-Hour, Educational Class providing Support to Parents Enduring Divorce

Spring Eternal offers an advantageous class for divorcing parents, guiding them towards developing effective parenting skills to healthily navigate the changing dynamic.

This class is meets the requirements according to Oklahoma Statute, Title 43, Section 107.2. This class is court-mandated in the State of Oklahoma for divorcing parents with minor children present in the household. The class is $45.

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Class Overview

The primary goals of the seminar are as follows:

● To educate parents about the all-encompassing effects of divorce—emotional, financial, societal and psychological

● Teach parents how to parent through the divorce process

● Instruct parents on better communicating with each other and their children

● Reduce the level of conflict between parents so they survive divorce with as little damage as possible to themselves and their children

This valuable classes advise parents about handling their emotions, steering them away from potentially destructive behaviors, as well as instructing parents to leave the children out of the middle of the stress.

Parent’s behavior during this time directly affects how children develop mentally and emotionally. To ensure that children involved are not negatively affected, it is important that parents understand how their interactions, both between each other and with their children, will affect growth and familial relationships.

Research has proven that children struggling to deal with their parent’s divorce may develop depression and anxiety, as well as exhibit behaviors such as delinquency, dropping out of school, drug use and suicide.

The parenting classes Oklahoma are designed to prepare parents to exhibit healthy behaviors in order to avoid these potential issues for their children, and inform them to support their children as they adjust to the new dynamic and atmosphere.

Reconciliation is an included subject in the course, however it is not the sole purpose of the class. A few cases exist where parents may consider restoring harmony. Although research proves that such a situation is healthier for children involved, it is not always the most effective outcome.

This program is intended to help parents gain an understanding regarding how divorce affects a child’s behavior and emotional state. The instruction is aimed toward providing beneficial assistance to parents, allowing for smooth navigation through this matter.

The cost of the class is $45 and must be paid when you register.

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Abstract of Curriculum

The curriculum utilized for this class will be “Two Families Now”, an evidence-based parent education curriculum that improves co-parenting relationships and protects children during divorce. This comprehensive curriculum is designed to be used by parent educators, mediators, family counselors and social service providers to instruct classes in person.

Spring Eternal’s course is evidence and research based proven to deliver positive effects within randomized control trials. By utilizing engaging media and involved guidance, parents are informed engage and instruct parents skills to nurture themselves, as well as cultivating strong relationships with their children and co-parents.