Our Person-Centered Philosophy

Spring Eternal is centered on the belief that in the trustworthiness of individuals and in their innate ability to move toward self-actualization and health when the proper conditions are in place. We are also confident that individuals have the inner resources to move themselves in such positive directions. Furthermore, we believe individuals perceive the world in a unique phenomenological way so that no two people’s perceptions of the world are the same.

Spring Eternal places great confidence in the individual’s ability to control his/her own positive change. This confidence in the client directs the counselor to provide the conditions for that change. Specifically, there are three basic conditions needed to support an individual’s natural inclination for positive growth: a genuine relationship with a relatively congruent individual, acceptance and caring from the counselor, and an accurate understanding on the part of the counselor of the client’s phenomenological world.

Counselors and therapists are expected to maintain a genuine therapeutic relationship in which they provide unconditional positive regard to their clients. This demonstrates their faith in clients and support of the process. Much of the work of the person-centered counselor revolves around developing an accurate empathic understanding of a client, conveying that understanding to the person and working with them to expand and clarify the understanding and its impact on the client’s choices and actions.