Drug & Alchohol/ DUI Assessments

Spring Eternal has Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors that utilizes validated, clinically based assessment tools to determine needed treatment and/or make appropriate referrals for drug and alcohol use. Spring utilized Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors as well as Licensed Professional Counselors to complete the assessments. These tools include but are not limited to the use of:  TAAD, MAST, DAST and the ODASL for determination of ASAM service levels.

DUI assessments for our Oklahoma City office are currently being provided in person as well as virtually through our HIPAA compliant platform. By Oklahoma Law, all DUI assessments must be completed by an ODMHSAS Certified Assessor. The fees are set no matter where you are evaluated at $160/$175 depending on the date of the DUI charge. For more information please visit Here.

It is easy to schedule an appointment and get you one step closer to getting your license reinstated.

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Spring Eternal has been providing assessments since 2013. We also provide assessments in Perry Oklahoma and virtually. Our goal is to not only offer assessments, but to be able to provide treatment options for those in need as well. Recently one of our staff members attending a training for gambling addiction and we look forward to offering treatment in this area as well.

Questions regarding Gambling Addiction:

Q: What is Pathological Gambling? 
A: Pathological gambling is being unable to resist impulses to gamble, which can lead to severe personal or social consequences.
Q: What is Problem Gambling? 
A: Problem Gambling is the increasing preoccupation with gambling, loss of control, restlessness or irritability when attempting to stop and continuation of the gambling behavior in spite of mounting, serious, negative consequences.
Gambling ceases to be fun when it crosses into harmful behavior as it has for an estimated 3 in every 100 adults, or approximately 75,000 Oklahomans. About 25,000 adult Oklahomans (1% of the adult population) meet criteria for a diagnosis of pathological gambling. Another 50,000 have problems with gambling.