Employer Workshops

In today’s world, there has been a significant increase in the amount of work-related violence. This violence is often attributed to by person’s suffering from some form of mental illness. Other tragedies such as suicide attempts and drug overdoses, causes reason for alarm.

SPRING Eternal is an outpatient mental health and substance abuse facility that is currently offering workshops to increase the knowledge of mental health and decrease the stigma for those that may be suffering. Our goal is to reach those that may need help but are concerned about reaching out. We also wish to increase the level of sensitivity and knowledge about kinds of mental illness’ and the understanding that treatment is a healthy option.

Call us today 405) 601-4565 and schedule for one of our qualified therapist to come and speak to your staff about what is mental illness; what are some of the signs of mental illness; and different ways to treat mental illness.

Workshop Fees

(All fees are for on-site workshops within less than 30 miles of our office location).

30 minute (Brief workshop)
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45 – 60 minutes
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2-hour interactive workshop
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Custom workshops tailored to your needs
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