Toni Lee

Anntonia “Toni” Lee – LPC Student Intern under Supervision
I was born and raised in Luther, Oklahoma. Over the years I have obtained an
Associates Degree in Enterprise Development from Oklahoma State University – OKC,
Bachelor of Science Degree from Mid-America Christian University, and I am currently
completing a Master of Science Degree to become a Licensed Professional Counselor
from Mid-America Christian University.
After being out of high school for 8 years and experiencing life, I learned my purpose, to
become a Mental Health Counselor. I have spent time volunteering with families and
individuals and have noticed the need for more mental health counselors to assess the
needs of the community. I understand there is a broken family dynamic in many
households, and I strive to help mend the brokenness and connect more families as
they experience life.
Upon completion of my degree, I intend to work with individuals and families to help
those in need as they understand and work through personal struggles faced daily. My
hobbies and interests include spending time with my family and friends, reading books,
sight seeing and enjoying nature.
“You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and

belonging.” – Brene Brown

I have a strong passion for children and families. Being a child and a parent, I
understand the struggles that both parents and children face as they navigate through
the challenges of life. I have worked closely and extensively with children in need of
mental health counseling services, whether they are homeless, runaways, or brought in
by their parents for mental health services.
I have a passion for military personnel and their families. Being the granddaughter of a
World War II veteran, niece of a Vietnam Veteran, and a sister of an Operation Iraqi
Freedom Veteran, my heart navigates to the struggles faced by military personnel and
their families, solely based on the experiences I have faced and witnessed within my
own family.
“God has a purpose for your pain and a reason for your struggles and a reward for your

faithfulness. Don’t Give Up!” – Dr. Eric Thomas